Royals Firing On All Cylinders

The first week of the MLB postseason is behind us as we prepare for another exciting week in baseball betting.

Teams have made last minute rallies to win and underdogs have come out on top. We have also seen some unexpected players make some huge mistakes. No team have been more impressive, though, than the Kansas City Royals, who are surging at precisely the right team.

of the biggest headline grabbers from the week was the Kansas City Royals upset over the Oakland Athletics in the AL Wild Card Game and then their weep of the Los Angeles Angels.

The two heroes for the Royals were Brandon Finnegan and Eric Hosmer. Both led the way to given the Royals the win against the A’s

Finnegan is a rookie left-handed pitcher who came out of the bullpen in extra innings to hold the A’s to only one run of 2.1 innings.

Finnegan earned his spot in the bullpen back in September and got a spot to pitch in the post season due to his work in that month.

On top of his integral role in the Wild Card win, Finnegan has also been a part of two of the Royals’ win in the ALDS series against the Los Angeles Angels, which they went on to sweep.

As the Royals prepare for the ALCS, they know that they can rest on Eric Hosmer, offensively, but Mike Moustaka has also been impressive.

Hosmer, of course, was on all the highlight reels with his Friday-night homer in the extra innings of the Royals game against the Angles. It was the first Royals’ extra-inning homer ever and Moustakas first since back in August.

With the Royals firing on all cylinders, the sports books have also began to take notice. They now have the third best odds at winning the World Series (4/1). The Royals will be coming in as underdogs against the Baltimore Orioles, though, who are the massive 21/10 favorites of winning the World Series.

If any team is going to upset the O’s though, at this point, one would have to bee willing to bet on the Royals.

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