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Seahawks Will Be Playing With Avengence Due To “Deflategate”

The controversy has been the top story on every news for the last few days so if you don’t know by now what deflategate is perhaps you do not follow professional football.

We call it a controversy, but we should just call it what it is, cheating. The word hurts but that is exactly what it is. No matter how dumb you think the rule is or how much deflating a ball actually helps can be debated, but the fact is there is a rule and someone on the New England Patriots broke it, which by its definition, is cheating.

The saddest part is that the Pats did not need to deflate balls to win. According to reports, the balls were taken after the first half and the Pats had an even better second half of play. Not to mention, they were huge favorites and had similarly dominated the Indianapolis Colts earlier in the season.

The fact is, deflate or not, the Pats were the better team. It does not change the fact that they cheated and the NFL will come down on them. Regardless, the Pats are in the Super Bowl.

The Pats haters now have even more of a reason to hope for the loss of New England. The Seattle Seahawks also likely have a bone to pick with the controversial (cheating) team.

If you think the Seahawks were playing with a chip on their shoulder before, wait till they take the field now that deflategate is a thing.

The early odds have the Pats as -2-point favorites, assuming those odds were taken when the balls PSI was right otherwise they may need to adjusted.

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