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Shaquem Griffin Receives Invitation to NFL Combine

Shaquem Griffin will be going to the NFL scouting combine. The star linebacker who played for the University of Central Florida was given an invitation to the combine, confirmed his agent on Tuesday. This is a substantial development. The former UCF player attempts to become the first player with only one hand to be drafted to the NFL.

News of his invitation to the combine came after his excellent display during last weekend’s Senior Bowl. Senior Bowl officials named him practice player of the week.

Shaquem Griffin uploaded a video on his Twitter that thanked everyone for their support. He said the entire nation is behind him and he could not do it without them. He went on to say that now he’s going to the NFL combine, he has a great deal to prove.

When he was 4, Griffin’s left hand was amputated due to a congenital condition called amniotic band syndrome. He was a starter for two-years at UCF as well as an All-American Athletic Conference first-team selection for two seasons.

Griffin was the defensive player of the year in the AAC during 2016 and named the Peach Bowl’s defensive MVP, which completed the 2017 season for UCF at 13-0.

For many, it was a big surprise that Griffin had not been included on the first list of invitees. The first list included his twin brother Shaquill Griffin, a Seattle Seahawks cornerback.


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Shaquill said he felt like any other player with the accolades his brother has and that has accomplished everything he has would be invited to the combine and no one can tell him that it is not due to his situation.

It is not uncommon that players eventually are given invitations to the NFL combine after not being part of the initial list. It happened last year to Shaquill Griffin who was drafted by Seattle in the third round.

John Lynch the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers said that he would love to see Griffin at the combine because he believes the young man earned it. He called Griffin not only an inspiration but a huge contributor to the UCF football program.

Griffin made four tackles in last weekend’s Senior Bowl.

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