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So…Dmitri Young Lost Some Weight


Getty Images via Zimbio, @Nationals

This item was first reported by the Yahoo! Sports blog Big League Stew over the weekend, but the transformation of retired baseball player Dmitri Young is impressive enough that it’s been picked up by a number of other sites since. Including this one!

Young was nearly unrecognizable on Friday night when he showed up at The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati for a game between the Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals, both of which are teams he played for during his 13-year career in MLB.

During his playing days Young tipped the scale at just under 300 pounds, which at 6’2 put him among the heaviest players in league history. He retired in 2010 in part due to untapped potential in a once promising career, largely attributed to his weight.

Young was inspired to lose weight after his mother passed away in 2011. Though his total weight loss is not known, the Nationals tweeted out that “He is literally half the man he used to be …” over the weekend. That doesn’t look to be too far off.

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