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Steelers’ Ryan Shazier says the NFL has a Patriots problem

Shazier, Steelers
Not only does the AFC East have to compete with the New England Patriots year in and year out, the NFL as a whole does.

This is something that Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier boldly put out there as a public service announcement.

According to an ESPN report, Shazier was asked originally if the Steelers had a “Patriots problem.” His response was pretty on point.

“If you look at it that way, the NFL has a Patriots problem,” Shazier said.

As we all remember, the Steelers fell to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game back in January. Losing to the Patriots again this year does not look to be in Shazier’s plans.

“They’ve been a great team, they have a great leader, and they just find a way to win. They have a good strategy in what they want to do. But I feel we are going to be prepared for them this year,” the linebacker continued. “I feel we are going to get them when we need to get them. And at any day I feel we can win the Super Bowl. We might have had a problem in the past but I think we are going to be ready this time.”

Shazier’s positive outlook is the right one to have. All the Steelers can do is sweep last season’s final game under the rug and move on.

As for the entire league having a “Patriots problem,” that is likely going to be the case for years to come. Quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick are the glue that holds the team together. Until one or both move on from the Patriots’ organization, New England is going to remain a force in the NFL.

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