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Tennesee Titans Escape Covid-19 Sanctions, For Now

It appears the Tennessee Titans will escape punishment despite an NFL investigation into its’ Covid-19 outbreak.

The Titans’ 42 – 16 win over the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday night was their first game since September 29. As a result of experiencing the league’s first Covid-19 outbreak, Tennessee had two consecutive games rescheduled. 

A total of 24 Titans personnel tested positive for Covid-19. It sparked a major NFL clampdown with strong words coming from both Roger Goodell and Troy Vincent.

The league launched an investigation into the Titans’ following of safety protocol. As well as that, the NFL adopted a policy of filming team activities to ensure protocol compliance.


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Severe punishments such as suspension and future draft pick forfeiture were promised by Goodell and Vincent. However, the commissioner said prior to the Titans VS Bills match that the league’s focus is on safety. 

“We are really working closely and identifying and speaking to clubs and players in open dialogue,” Goodell said

“This is not about discipline. This is about making sure we’re keeping our personnel safe. And that’s been our entire focus today.”

Updated procedures in place from Monday night stipulate that ‘high risk close contacts’ isolate and not return to team facilities for 5 days.

On a virtual meeting with team owners on Tuesday, Goodell warned against complacency.

“We cannot grow complacent, not the players, not the coaches, not the rest of our personnel,” he said. 

“Ninety percent is not good enough in this environment. We have to be incredibly diligent and disciplined.”


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“We expected positive COVID cases as long as the pandemic is prevalent in our society,” Goodell said, citing rising numbers in communities. “Our protocols are designed to identify through testing, isolate and then prevent the spread of the virus in our team environments, and our medical experts are encouraged by the fact that with few exceptions, we have not seen transmission of the virus.”

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