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Tennessee Titans Prefer Week in Hotel Over Cross Country Travel

This week the Tennessee Titans are on the road and players are pleased with the decision. The front office and coaches decided to spend the week between consecutive road games against Arizona and San Francisco in Arizona.

The big reason was to cut down on the amount of travel. This will also keep its players fresh for the last month of the regular season. Several teams in the NFL have done the same.

Last month, the Patriots remained in Colorado after defeating Denver. This was to prepare in high-altitude prior to playing the next week in Mexico City. They won the game.

Philadelphia spent a week near Los Angeles following its loss to Seattle. As a result, they then defeated the Los Angeles Rams to clinch the NFC East.

Linebacker Brian Orakpo says he agrees with the decision by Titans’ team officials. Adjusting to time differences is made easier by remaining for the week between games.

The process a team goes through relocating for a week during the regular season needs to be well prepared in advance. Titans officials visited the hotel they are staying at over a half dozen times in preparation and even had part of the hotel rewired so they could set up “shop” Monday and begin work like they were at home in Nashville.

Last week, a semi-truck fill with more than 40,000 pounds of equipment left Nashville. It included water coolers, down markers, uniforms, cleats, tape, gear for treating injuries, new projectors, computers and monitors to watch film, even weights for players to continue their weekly workouts.

The Titans have a short trip each day to Arizona State to practice. Of course, as comfortable as the team makes if for the players, it is not like home. The players will practice together, attend meetings and even sleep in the same rooms all week. However, the worry over a cross-country flight through three time zones is avoided.

This Sunday when they face the 49ers the Titans will see how much remaining in Arizona was worth it. The Patriots and Eagles both won after spending a full week on the road and the Titans will look to do the same.

Tennessee, which is 8-5, is hoping that remaining out west will help them to snap a playoff drought of eight seasons and propel them into the postseason.


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