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Terrelle Pryor Signs With Browns, Does Bengals Dirty

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-OTA

Only a couple of days after being cut by the Cincinnati Bengals and announcing a position change to wide receiver, Terrelle Pryor has been claimed off waivers by the Cleveland Browns, per Pro Football Talk’s Twitter account.

At first glance, the move doesn’t seem quite so harmonious. The Browns have been suffering through an identity crisis at quarterback for over a decade, and the team’s 2015 ensemble doesn’t exactly look like setting the football world on fire.

Recent reports claimed Josh McCown – journeyman backup and disastrous signal caller for last year’s Buccaneers – is playing like the “unquestioned starter” in camp, while troubled young prospect Johnny Manziel is being given less and less chance to prove himself by the day.

Pryor’s career change may not last long in Cleveland. It wouldn’t be absurd to suggest that the Browns could once again push him under center pending an irreparable record and an exhaustion of all other options at quarterback. Well, they do play the Steelers in week 17. Maybe another 93-yard game winning touchdown is on the cards.

Meanwhile, Pryor’s former team remains unhappy that he posted material of their recent minicamp to social media. After being cut on Thursday, he linked three videos of himself making throws during full-team drills. The videos were removed only an hour later.

One Bengals spokesperson said, “If I’m [another team], I have to think hard about signing him or else he might give out valuable information of theirs, too.”

It’s no Spygate, but a fifth-year NFL veteran like Pryor should have known better than to disseminate sensitive team information. It apparently didn’t hinder his search for another team, but one wonders how long this union will last.

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