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Terrible Person John Rocker: Still Terrible!

John Rocker...his idiocy is like the tides.

John Rocker…his idiocy is like the tides.

Every celebrity that is anybody these days is doing a Q&A on Reddit. Which is why it was so surprising that a vintage bigot like former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker. His brand of old school piss and vinegar certainly predates the interwebs—at least the widespread accessibility to said interwebs.

For anyone that participated in the Q&A on Tuesday afternoon, Rocker didn’t disappoint. Assuming that people were there because they wanted to see a middle aged man with anger issues dress down snarky teenagers who were there with the sole mission to menace him. And seriously—why else would you anyone be there?

Here are some of the highlights from those asking the questions and lowlights from he who answers the questions:

johnrocker49-procThis should come as no surprise to anyone that read Rocker’s opus, which was published in the Christmas issue of Sports Illustrated back in 1999. Without getting bogged down with those details, let’s just say it was his ode to hating everyone on earth that isn’t white.

rocker4-procWow. Congrats to Rocker for always managing to reach for [and achieve] new heights of being a complete a-hole. You’re the king John, you’re the king.

rocker5-procEveryone knows that a good, well-timed your mom joke is the height of comedy. So you have to give him props for that one. Point: Rocker…maybe the only point he earned during the entire Q&A.

The spotlight here obviously belongs to the commenters that followed his relatively run-of-the-mill answer. Thanks to them for spicing things up.

rocker11-procThis is the last thing that Alex Rodriguez needs. Being associated with John Rocker could be the only thing that is more toxic than being associated with PEDs and the Biogenesis scandal. If A-Rod was really his friend, he wouldn’t be discussing him publicly.

rocket-procOn one hand it’s easy to understand Rocker’s anger here. He went out of his way to do this stupid Q&A [probably to promote something wretched…like paying to spend time with him via the athlete prostitution site Thuzio] for whatever reason and here this kid is telling him no one likes him.

On the other hand…no one likes him. So you really see where the Redditer is coming from.

rockerrocker-procHa! That thing about Canseco’s Twitter versus Rocker’s couldn’t be more on point. Jose Canseco is a stone cold idiot, but he’s got some serious comedic value to his existence. Rocker could very well be the least funny person on the planet.

rocker2-procHeh. Heh. Heh.

Reddit commenters are hi…larious. That’s sincere too. Gotta appreciate snark in its finest form!

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