Texans QB Matt Schaub Taking Heat In Houston

Times are tough for Matt Schaub in Houston.

Times are tough for Matt Schaub in Houston.

Houston Texans starting quarterback Matt Schaub has been on a downward slide that dates back to December 2012, which is when he routinely began throwing more interceptions than touchdowns in a given game. Through the first five games of 2013, he’s having the worst season of his career to date and his status as a starter is week-to-week at this point.

The very definition of a “game manager,” Schaub has never been known as a guy who could carry a team to victory on his arm alone, but at least he could usually be counted on not to lose it. That’s changed over the last three games, all of them losses in which Schaub has been a major contributing factor.

In fact, in their most recent 34-3 drubbing by the San Francisco 49ers, Schaub wasn’t just a major contributing factor, he was the factor. The Texans looked relatively inept in every facet of that game, but the abject futility of their starting quarterback likely contributed to the obvious lack of effort from players as time ticked down.

Schaub threw a career-high three INTs in San Francisco and is far more responsible for the home team’s win than anything they did on offense. Niners QB Colin Kaepernick was just 6-of-15 in passing, with 127 total yards and a touchdown.

It was the fourth consecutive game Schaub threw a pick which was returned the other way for a defensive score, making him the first QB in NFL history to do so. You can bet that’s not the way Schaub, or any player for that matter, wants to forge a path into the record books.

After years of underachieving and two straight unceremonious early playoff exits, both short of the AFC Championship, Texans fans are feeling anything but understanding when it comes to the struggles of their starter.

They took to the parking lot in Houston two weeks ago and burned Schaub jerseys in effigy after second half collapse cost them against the (then) unbeaten Seattle Seahawks, who won in overtime.

Things got a little more personal after the 49ers loss. Although initial reports out of Houston suggested an angry mob had been harassing Schaub at his home, it turned out it was just one very angry Texans fan. Better than an angry mob, but still one too many.

Apparently the man pulled into Schaub’s driveway in his station wagon, took a few photos and yelled a few obscenities before decide ding to depart. NFL security is looking into the man with obvious boundary issues, but so far no arrests in this “unusual situation” have been made.

The angry mob potentially forming in Houston was probably not thrilled on Wednesday afternoon when Schaub was confirmed as the starter for the game against the St. Louis Rams this weekend.

That’s the bad news, the good news is that the Rams aren’t very good and a flawless performance won’t be required to win.

That being said, if Schaub does lose this weekend, he might want to take his family to a hotel for a few days.

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