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The Four Most Imprtant Games in the Northwest in April

The Western Conference Playoff picture is still not complete as the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers battle for the final playoff spot in the conference.  That is not the only big narrative coming out of the Northwest division.  The Denver Nuggets have surprised everyone by clinching a playoff spot already given their lack of a “big star.” They have found a way to win as a team without relying on a big name player.  They still have to prove they can beat the best teams under high pressure circumstances.  Also, the Oklahoma City Thunder are looking to go back to the finals and win it all this time, but there are still questions as to whether they are good enough to beat the Miami Heat or even the San Antonio Spurs.

These questions will be addressed this month in a handful of important games this month as we begin to prep for the NBA Playoffs.

Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz – April 3

The Jazz need to win as many games as possible to put some distance between themselves and the Lakers.  Also, the Jazz need to show they can beat good teams in high pressure situation.  A good way to start would be to beat the Denver Nuggets.

The Jazz play excellent home turf basketball with a 28-9 record when playing in Utah.  The odds will still likely be against the Jazz, but their best chance to get some big wins against big teams and begin to secure a playoff spot will start at home.

San Antonio Spurs @ Oklahoma City Thunder – April 4OKCVSpurs

The Thunder does not have anything left to prove.  The of course would love to catch the Spurs and steal the No. 1 seed away from them, but even if that doesn’t happen the Thunder are, without a doubt, one of the top teams in the NBA.  Their game with San Antonio is important but for a symbolic reason.

The Spurs and Thunder will likely run into each other again in the Western Conference Finals.  If that is the case then the Thunder need to make a statement with this game by defeating the Spurs in Oklahoma.  Plus with the Thunder playing at home it is likely that the odds will be with OKC.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Utah Jazz – April 9


Everything said previously on this list about the Jazz also applies to this game.  However, many still question the Jazz as legit contenders.  Utah needs to give those cynics a reason to change their minds with a win against one of the top three teams in the NBA.  Also, the Jazz tend to win at home.  With a lot of home games for Thunder in the month of April, they need to keep winning in order to secure their post season.

San Antonio Spurs @ Denver Nuggets – April 10

NuggetsVSpursIf the Nuggets truly want to establish themselves as a legit contender they need to get big wins in April.  Big wins like beating the No. 1 team in the Western Conference.

The Nuggets will be playing at home where they have only lost three games all season.  The Nuggets are the quietest playoff contenders not just in the Northwest Division, but also in the NBA in general.  They will make a lot of noise by beating a team they will likely meet again in the playoffs right before the playoffs begin.

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