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The Sharp Report – July 21, 2014


My model pretty much lines up with the odds makers’ lines today. Will look to totals to make some money.

The above chart is what I generate every morning and use as a basis for determining money line situations where odds makers are off according to my lines. Situations where I can potentially take advantage and make money. Use this as a reference tool in your handicapping toolbox, it is by no means meant to be followed blindly.

Please refer to my first post in this series for a list of recommended sites to aid you in your handicapping.

7/21 Moves:


As of 3pm EST these are the moves made by some of the major betting groups.

Late moves may come in after this is published at 3:00 pm EST, they will be recapped in the next report.

7/20 Recap:


The sharp’s steam moves went 3-4-2 yesterday, by no means a great way to end the week.

Chris Sharp is a professional sports handicapper and daily contributor to BettingSports.com. He can be found on Twitter @CSharp_Picks and on his web site IvyLeaguePicks.com.

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