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The Sharp Report – June 15, 2014

Mat Latos

Mat Latos showed little rust in his first start of the season, pitching six shutout innings for the Reds at Miller Park.

Overall an average day for the sharps yesterday, 3-3. A few World Cup moves came in on top of these baseball moves, and they did quite well. Some guys that we help out overseas with NFL come through for us on soccer, it works out well for all parties.

I am beginning to notice that the average or ‘public’ bettors are coming in on the right side of the lines. I think with all of the handicapping sites and blogs out there now, people are learning and the books are going to be in some real trouble in years to come!

Please refer to my first post in this series for a list of recommended sites to aid you in your handicapping.

6/15 Early Moves:

Here are some lines that were hit by sharp groups early enough this morning to make this report. I have not had time to research games myself, so I am not recommending that you try to find these numbers and tail the plays at this time. These are listed to show you what has happened so far this morning, always do your own research on these before following along.

 San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies  (SF ML)
Key Line Move @ 7:18 am EST

Washington Nationals vs St. Louis Cardinals (Over 7)
Key Line Move @ 1:46 am EST

6/14 Recap:

Early Moves:

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Miami Marlins (Under 8) – Loss
Key Line Move @ 8:30 am EST

Charlie Morton is coming off of one of his best starts of his career, allowing one run over his last seven starts. Opposing Morton is the Marlins’ Randy Wolf, who is coming off of one of a rough outing where he surrendered four runs over five innings. The idea here was that Morton would shut down the Marlins, and Wolf would be able to bounce back from a pitiful outing at home. The public was 68% on the over and the line still dropped, making this a strong play.

Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers (Under 8.5) – Loss
Key Line Move @ 8:30 am EST

The first, and strongest, move of the day came on the under. Later in the afternoon, the over was hit by other groups. It is speculated that the second group to hit were going off of information that Detroit’s Sanchez was still hampered by the blister on his throwing hand. The public was on the under here by 57%.

San Diego Padres vs New York Mets (SD ML) – Win
Key Line Move @ 11:00 am EST

Money line on this game dropped swiftly in favor of the Padres ( from +120 – +105) and then began to rise again later in the afternoon. The public was 71% on the Mets, whenever you see a number like that it is good practice to run in the other direction. On one hand you had Hahn on the mound for the Padres making his second career start, which I can understand fading. But when he is going against Wheeler of the Mets, who has lost four of five, I will take my chances with the rookie.

Los Angeles Angels vs Atlanta Braves (Over 7) – Win
Key Line Move @ 11:03 am EST

This move was based solely on the Braves pitcher Gavin Floyd, who is 2-6 lifetime against the Angels sporting a 5.27 ERA. The public was all over this one as well, this line should have began at 8, an example of a Vegas mess up.

Tampa Bay Rays vs Houston Astros (Over 7.5) – Win
Key Line Move @ 11:30 am EST

Lines opened at 8 and then got softened up to 7.5, by 11:30 am EST all of the sharp groups were hammering the over 7.5.  To be honest, I didn’t see the angle here, both pitchers have pitched well of late and have matched up against the other team well. It will be interesting to see the result here.

Chicago Cubs vs Philadelphia Phillies (Under 8.5) – Loss
Key Line Move @ 11:35 am EST

Edwin Jackson of the Cubs has been awful against the Phillies, 1-5 with a 5.60 ERA away from Citizens Bank Park and 0-4 with a 7.04 ERA in the Phillies home ball park. Buchanan for the Phillies has been pitching extremely well, but not getting the run support needed to get wins. I tend to be with the public on this one (57%), and am going to stay away from the under. I can see the Phillies putting up 6-7 on their own.

Chris Sharp is a professional sports handicapper and daily contributor to BettingSports.com. He can be found on Twitter @CSharp_Picks and on his web site IvyLeaguePicks.com.
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