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Tom Brady: It’s A Challenging Year In The NFL

Tom Brady thinks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are finally beginning to play their best football after some early-season struggles.

The Bucs grabbed a second straight win with Sunday’s 21-16 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. It was a markedly improved, more fluid offensive display than their stuttering late win over the Rams the previous week. 

By improving to 5-5, Tampa now leads the NFC South. After their bye week, they face the Browns and the Saints, who currently sit at 3 wins each.

Their advantageous schedule should see them qualify for the postseason with a minimum of fuss, provided they keep playing well. However as Tom Brady explains, consistency is hard to come by in this season’s NFL.


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“I think we’re in a better place obviously than we were five quarters ago,” Tom Brady said.

“And, you know, we found a way to beat the Rams, which was a great win for our team. And then to go to Germany and win to get to 5-5 before the bye was a big goal for all of us. So, look, I think it’s a challenging year in the NFL.

“I watched a lot of the games, highlights from yesterday and, you know, there’s a lot of teams that are — some that are just playing very, very well — Minnesota to go into Buffalo, that’s a very tough thing to do. The Eagles have played very consistently all year. I think the Chiefs have played very consistently all year. So, you know, other than that it’s kind of a hodgepodge of wins and losses and good games and bad games and which defenses show up, which quarterbacks show up.”


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“It’s been a unique year to watch,” Brady said. “And I think the most important thing when you look forward is how do you play your best football? And if you play your best football you’ve gotta believe that you’re capable of winning every single week. It’s just the challenge is how do you do that?”

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