Tom Brady, Buccaneers

Tom Brady Not To Blame For Buccaneers’ Misfiring Offense – Leftwich

Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich says the team’s offensive woes don’t lie on the shoulders of Tom Brady.

However by his standards, Tom Brady is putting up some abysmal numbers. The Buccaneers have scored 17.7 points per game so far this season, which is tied for 26th in the league.

That’s four points fewer than Brady’s previous lowest points per game in a full season (21.8, 2003 Patriots).

Tom Brady has an open target rate of 44.6 in 2022, his lowest since joining Tampa Bay.


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As well as that, Brady is 12-of-42 passing under pressure so far this year, the lowest in the NFL. The team’s struggles, particularly only mustering 3 points against Carolina on Sunday, has triggered some soul searching in Tampa.

“I don’t want to put it on him. That’s us, collectively,” Leftwich said

“We scored three points — that’s never one person. When you’re scoring three points — it’s unusual for us, too, to score three points in the ballgame. When you’re scoring three points, that’s collectively, that’s everyone, that’s coaches, that’s players. That’s how we view that. We view [it as] we all have got to be better and I believe we will be.

“People want to see points on the board,” Leftwich said, via the official team transcript. “People want to see what we’ve been used to, what we’ve done since we’ve been here. You’re not beating [anybody] in this league scoring three points, right? Let’s just be honest, you’re not beating a soul — not a team in this league — scoring three points. We know we’ve got to be better as an offense, as a whole.”


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“When you’re scoring three points and you are who we are, it’s collectively — it’s everywhere across the board. We’ve got to coach it better, we’ve got to play it better, we’ve got to have awareness in situation football — all those things that really matter that we’ve been so good at in the past. 

“We’ve got to get back to what we’ve done in the past. You can’t execute [at] a high level unless you’re playing with a certain type of awareness, a certain type of focus, and understanding of what that down is going to bring to you. We’ve got to be better across the board.”

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