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Trevor Lawrence: ‘We Kind Of Gave It Away’

A dejected Trevor Lawrence lamented the Jaguars’ inability to consolidate their position after Sunday’s loss to the Tennessee Titans. 

The 28-20 defeat officially ended their season, a season they began with an 8 – 3 record. However, their 5 – 1 finish condemned them, and they couldn’t find last year’s ability to bounce back.

Per NFL research, the Jaguars are just the 6th team in 25 seasons to start at least 8 – 3 and not reach the postseason. 


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Trevor Lawrence says the team is hurting over their failure to arrest the end of season slide.

“The words now don’t really mean much,” Trevow Lawrence said. 

“It’s fresh, and everyone’s going to deal with this in their own way. You should, everybody does, but you should feel sick, you should feel disappointed and frustrated in yourself, in the offensive, the team. Everything. You put in so much work. Coming in here, (if) we win, we make the playoffs. We have a home playoff game. And we are leaving here, we’re going home, and we’re done. We all understand where we’re at and how disappointing it is, the finish we had this year. We have to be better.

“It hurts to not be able to finish and you look at where we were at one point in the season and just finished really, really poorly. We kind of gave it away.”


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“Ultimately, we have to play together and find a spark,” outside linebacker Josh Allen said. 

“I feel like last year we had a spark and we lived, and we just followed that and rode that wave. This year, we were looking for it too much, hoping that it was going to come, and it never came. We had a determination. We had a want. This year, we were looking for that spark. And we never got that lit.”

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