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Trey Lance Falls Down 49ers Depth Chart, Future Uncertain

A finger injury before his rookie season was the undoing for Trey Lance and his 49ers career, says Kyle Shanahan.

San Francisco’s head coach spoke in the wake of Wednesday’s decision to hand Sam Darnold the QB2 position. It makes the 2021 Draft, and the three first-round picks the 49ers gave up to recruit Trey Lance, feel like a long time ago.

Trey Lance has only made four starts and a total of eight appearances since then. A litany of injury issues and the surprise emergence of Brock Purdy saw him fall down the depth chart.


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He sprained his knee later in his rookie year and broke and dislocated his ankle in Week 2 of 2022.

Shanahan advised Lance to sit out of Wednesday’s practice while he processed the news of his demotion.

“When he broke his finger it really kind of messed him up and took away his first year for him,” Shanahan said.

“We had such a light practice today,” Shanahan added. “Watching how Trey was when we talked, we thought it was better to, ‘Hey, take the day off, clear your head some, we’ll talk later in the afternoon and get you back in there tomorrow.'”


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“I also don’t think Trey, this means that he can’t be with us or someone else ever in the future,” Shanahan said. “I mean this is just where camp went right now.”

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