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Tyler Smith: Cowboys ‘Have he Team To Win It All’

Second-year Cowboys offensive lineman Tyler Smith has his sights set much higher than the Divisional Round ahead of next season.

Tyler Smith got his money’s worth out of his rookie season, starting all 17 games. He was one of six offensive linemen drafted in 2022 to start all their games.

Playing at left tackle and left guard, Tyler Smith helped the Dallas Cowboys towards the Divisional Round  in 2022. He says the pain of not progressing further motivates him to strive for the Super Bowl in 2023.


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“After getting that first year under my belt, I understand what the expectation is,” Smith said.

“I’ve gone through camp, OTAs, I’ve been through the season before. Being comfortable and acclimated to what I need to do has helped me a lot — in terms of being confident and who I am. That first year was kind of nervous. Everything was new. Going to a new locker room and some of the guys are like 30, 34. I was used to being in a locker room with 18-23-year-olds. Getting acclimated with the guys helped me a lot.”


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“Winning that Super Bowl,” Smith said. 

“Obviously I want to go out there and play to the best of my abilities, I want to improve upon last season and I want to be a benefit to the team regardless where they put me, but winning that Super Bowl is the biggest thing. We came close last year and we lost, and that pain sticks with you. I know we have the team to go out there and win it all.”

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