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Von Miller Confident Of Recovering In Time For Week 1

Buffalo Bills pass rusher Von Miller is confident he’ll recover from his ACL tear in time to play Week 1.

“I have good information from my doctor, and my knee is all healed up,” Von Miller said. “It’s all about me and how confident I can be (over) the next three months.”

The 34-year-old sustained the injury on Thanksgiving, putting 291 days between that and Week 1. It may be optimistic for Von Miller to think he’ll be healthy in time, but he does have previous.

Von Miller had an ACL tear in 2013 and was back in action 269 days afterwards.


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“You kind of know what to expect,” Miller said. 

“You kind of realize the weight of what’s going on. You’re not thinking about how tough s— is.

You’re anticipating what’s going to happen next [and saying], ‘I know I’m supposed to be here at three months, here at four months, and here at six months,’ and I just focus on where I’m at, and the emotional part of it and the mental part of it because those are the things I can control.

“If they feel I can play, I will,” he said. “If they don’t, I won’t. It’s all good.”


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“Now I have to start working on my conditioning and position-specific drills and need to start transitioning back into a football player and not just a guy who is rehabbing and getting my leg strong,” he said. 

“Hopefully I can do that for the next two months and I’ll be ready on the third month.

“I’m going to work as hard as I can. Whether I’m ready to go in Week 1 or not, I’m at peace because I know I’m doing everything I can to have success.”

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