Image via Zimbio

Noted Handsome Man, Tom Brady, Hideous in Courtroom Drawing

Image via Zimbio

Image via Zimbio

Currently in New York fighting the NFL over deflate-gate and its subsequent fallout in federal court, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, noted handsome man, has been bringing his smug brand of sexy and ‘GQ’ cover style with him every day.

But when it comes to the controversial quarterback, there tend to be two schools of though on nearly every issue. He’s a four-time Super Bowl winner/He’s a two-time Super Bowl loser. He’s an all-time great/He’s a product of the system. All he does is win/All he does is cheat.

No matter what you think about Brady in a football sense, the handsomeness has always been the one thing thought to be universal. That is, at least, until a very disturbing portrait of Brady in the courtroom emerged. And not a metaphorical portrait—and actual drawing.


Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Either the courtroom artist is a Jets fan and decided to take some liberties with this sketch of Brady, painting the horrifying, life-ruining monster as reflected in his own eyes or he’s terrible at his job and should be fired immediately.

That terrifying rendering of Brady might be the only thing that can haunt the collective consciousness more than the actual Brady systematically dismantling most of our teams over the course of his career.

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