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Which Four Teams Will Grab No. 1 Seeds for the NCAA Tournament?


With Selection Sunday only two days away, we will soon find out which teams the committee has named number one seeds for the NCAA Tournament. As we’ve seen in past seasons, being a number one seed doesn’t automatically mean you are destined for a Final Four appearance, much less a national title. However, there’s no question that having the number one by your team name helps build confidence and also presents a less treacherous path to the promised land. In looking ahead, here are our picks for the four number one teams.

Indiana Hoosiers

The Hoosiers are basically a shoo-in for a number one spot considering they have spent more weeks at No. 1 in the polls than any other team. In a stacked Big Ten Conference this season, the Hoosiers racked up a bunch of high-quality victories, building an impressive resume that is simply too strong to overlook. They are solid on both ends of the floor and are a team that can beat opponents in a variety of ways, which is an attribute that will be more than helpful during their quest for a national title. Put this one down as a lock.


Duke Blue Devils

The Duke Blue Devils claiming a number one seed is certainly nothing new, but that’s because they continue churn out great players, and more importantly great teams. The 2012-2013 squad may not be the best the school has ever had, but it is more than deserving of being granted a number one seed. The Devils waded through a tough ACC Conference, coming out of the regular season with a 27-4 overall record and a 14-4 mark in the conference. Duke is another team with an ample supply of weaponry on both ends of the floor and is a team that can go outside or inside. Obviously, playing at Cameron Indoor Stadium is a huge advantage for them – one they won’t have during the tournament – but we should still expect them to make a deep run this season and receive some love from the committee in seeding.

Louisville Cardinals

Like great teams do – especially number one teams – Louisville has closed out the regular season on a high note, winning its last seven games while racing up the AP Poll to the No. 4 spot. Not only did they earn big victories down the stretch, but they did it while adding some style points by defeating strong opponents such as Cincinnati and Notre Dame by double figures. And we all know how they committee has a somewhat short memory. If you finish strong, you are bound to stick out more in their minds than if you start great and finish with a limp. Louisville is a little less of a lock than Duke and Indiana for a number one spot, but I would put my money on the Cardinals being at the top of one of the regions on the NCAA tourney bracket.

Kansas Jayhawks 

Most would probably argue that Gonzaga is a lock for the final number one slot considering they are currently the number one team in the polls and the only team to win 30 games this season. However, their strength of schedule is very weak and this will be something the committee will look at when seeding.

Georgetown is also ahead of Kansas in the polls, but they will have a much tougher time winning the Big East title against the likes of Louisville, Notre Dame and Syracuse, who will all join the Hoyas in the Big East semis. Meanwhile, Kansas should have no trouble cruising through the Big 12 and that strong finish should give them the nod. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the Jayhawks have been a darling of the committee in the past and have been in the number one spot plenty of times before.

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