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Wichita State Stands Alone in the Record Books

The Wichita State Shockers did something on Tuesday night on the road in Peoria, Illinois that no other team in college basketball has ever accomplished. The Shockers started the regular season a perfect 30-0.

The accomplishment is huge for the school and for NCAA men’s basketball. It places Wichita State next to the UNLV teams during the 1990s, the Indian State team of the Larry Bird era and the Indiana team of 1975-76, the last team to go undefeated in college basketball.

On Saturday, the Shockers will be heavy favorites to defeat Missouri State. It is likely they will be sitting and waiting on selection Sunday for a top seed selection with an undefeated record.

The start of 30-0 should have no asterisk for playing in a weaker conference, or having a weaker overall schedule. Winning 30 straight games no matter whom you play is a great accomplishment.

Nevertheless, a debate continues with Wichita State. There are a number of skeptics that look down upon the conference schedule of Wichita State and see only one win that is notable out of 30, that being a victory over Saint Louis on the road.

These skeptics feel that beating bad teams does not deserve a reward of being a top seed in March Madness over other teams that have battled top ranked teams during the season like Kansas.

Those defending Wichita State remind everyone that the Billikens of Saint Louis are undefeated since they lost to Wichita State. They believe 30-0 no matter who are your opponents deserves a top seed.

Regardless of strength of schedule, winning 30 consecutive games in today’s game is a phenomenal accomplishment.

Some say they do not want the Shockers to be a No. 1 seed like Gonzaga last season crashing out early.

Inequality rules in college basketball. If it did not, then why won’t Kansas add the Shockers to their schedule? Simple, institutionally and more important financially it does not make sense for Kansas and they do not even give it a second thought.

When it comes to scheduling, the bigger conferences run the show and rule the roost.

Part of the big debate is how bad the Missouri Valley Conference is this season. The conference is just downright awful. Against Bradley on Tuesday, it looked at times like the Shockers were playing a high school team.

The questions will continue as to whether the Shockers deserve a No. 1 seed right up through selection Sunday and until they play their first game in the NCAA tournament or their second or even third. You get the drift; the debate may never end unless they win the national championship.

Regardless, the debate does not change the fact the Shockers stand alone at 30-0 and no other team prior to them has done that in the regular season.

However, their biggest test lies ahead of them.

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