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Zach Wilson A Dead Man Walking In New York

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is abstaining from the team’s voluntary workouts amid uncertainty over his future.

It’s a far cry from when New York anointed him the future of the franchise with the No.2 pick in 2021.

At this point, the Zach Wilson situation is untenable. His Jets career was essentially ended by the signing of Aaron Rodgers.


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However, when Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury in Week 1, Zach Wilson was thrust into the starting role again. He did not look like a guy who could compete with, or even backup, Rodgers. 

Jets general manager Joe Douglas says they’re in the process of securing the best trade for both parties.

“I know you guys talked to (Jets owner) Woody (Johnson) about Zach, and my thoughts are in line with Woody that Zach is an asset,” said Douglas.

“At that same time, we’re obviously open to trading Zach. There have been discussions. Nothing’s really changed since we talked in Florida. We’re open to trading him, there’s just no news to report on that.

“That’s the trick, right?” Douglas said. “That’s the magic trick, so to speak, is to try to make sure that Zach’s in the right spot, but also doing what’s right for the New York Jets. That is the line we’re walking. We have to do what’s right for the team.”


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“The most important position in sports,” Douglas said. “For us, it’s funny, I was going back and looking just through some drafts, some drafts the way that teams handled the quarterback position. I went back and looked at how the Packers in the ’90s. 

“You draft a guy like Mark Brunell in the fifth round and then you draft (Matt) Hasselbeck in the sixth round and you develop. They were a quarterback farm when Farve was there. Aaron Brooks. Then they drafted Aaron (Rodgers) in the first round, but I would love to be a quarterback factory.”

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