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Doc’s Sports

Doc’s Sports Service has been around since 1971. Even though the company’s founder Morey Moseman passed away in 2012, the family has continued with the business, as his son Wade has assumed the controls and heads up the day-to-day operations.

Doc’s serves as a clearinghouse for several other sports handicappers now, and you can purchase plays from Indian Cowboy, Vegas Sports Informers, Allen Eastman, Robert Ferrigno, Jason Sharpe, Mike Davis, Strike Point Sports and, naturally, Doc’s Sports. These handicappers are referred to as “The Advisory Board.”

Doc’s lets you know how each handicapper has done recently, and what plays are available for the upcoming day. That allows bettors to cherry-pick and purchase nothing but the big plays from all handicappers if they so desire. You also receive discounts when purchasing the plays of a particular handicapper for a week, month or season. Many of the handicappers specialize in one or two particular sports or at least do better in one sport than another, so it pays to read how each handicapper has been faring. Between the different handicappers, all major sports are covered, including soccer and the National Hockey League. Some will offer selections for horse racing’s Triple Crown and Breeder’s Cup races.

There are also several sports services listed under “Betting Systems” and these services do provide free trials, so you can see if they are the type of service you’re looking for at no cost to you. These plays will be texted to you, so you don’t even have to be in front of your computer to receive them.

There is plenty of free information on the site, so even those who seldom purchase the selections of a service will find some useful information, which ranges from odds to free plays and handicapping resources and articles, making a visit to the site a worthwhile experience.

Doc’s does not use automated phone services. When you call, you get a real live person. They want you to know they will treat you like you want to be treated, as a real person. They are a business that depends on word of mouth advertising, so they have to be customer service oriented to thrive in the market place. They encourage you to give them suggestions and feedback, to let them know how they are doing, which is something that few sports services actually care about.

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