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This Week In Fail

Another week and we have another crop of failures to pick through and over analyze.  We saw some upset victories over the weekend that made some risky betters very happy and other conservative betters very sad.  Let’s get right into it and run down this week in fail.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama Crimson Tide is a phenomenal football team and sit at 9-1, but they saw their championship hopes dashed when they  dropped a football game to Texas A&M on Saturday in a stunning upset 24-29.  Some are still holding onto hopes that Alabama can still somehow make it into a BCS Championship game.  However, it is unlikely considering the amount of teams that remain unbeaten that Alabama will have to some how navigate through in the rankings.

For all the teams for them to drop a game against it had to be the 8-2 Texas A&M who now have a glimmer of a hope to get in a bowl game now, but simply played spoiler to Alabama’s perfect season.  The rest of Alabama’s season should be a smooth ride as their last two games are against teams that are unranked in the BCS standings, but then against they should have beat Texas A&M.

Miami Dolphins

Last week the Tennessee Titans made the fail list after they took a brutal beating from the Chicago Bears.  This week, the Titans came back with a vengeance to crush the Miami Dolphins in a beating similar to the one that the Titans were on the receiving end of a week before.  It looks like they learned something from the Bears.

It is hard to tell whether or not the Titans improved that much under pressure from management and the leadership of new quarterback Jake Locker or if the Dolphins were just that terrible.  Regardless, it is hard to find an excuse for a 37-3 loss against a team that’s odds places them last at winning the Super Bowl and has a 3-6 record, now 4-6, win-loss record.  Last week it looked like the Titans were in trouble.  This week their is a lot of grumblings about what is going on in Miami.

Mike Brown

Mike Brown was fired as head coach of the Lakers after the team dropped to 1-4.  Brown had arguably the best starting five in the NBA and instead of coaching to his new rosters strengths, he was insistent on running the same slow offensive ball that was suitable for the old Lakers.  Brown was fired from his job and is being replaced by offensive wizard Mike D’Antoni, not Phil Jackson as previously rumored.  It says a lot about how little faith the Lakers have in Brown considering his expertise is considered in offense and they replaced him with another coach whose expertise is also in offense.

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