2013 World Series Odds

MLB baseball officially came to a close with the San Fransisco Giants historic World Series sweep of the Detroit Tigers.  However, Bovada has already released odds to win the 2013 World Series give baseball betters a chance and making some really early picks for next years World Series.  We will break down the top five teams with the best odds to win the 2013 World Series to help you make the best bet possible.

Detroit Tigers


Despite getting swept in four games by the San Francisco Giants, the Tigers have the best odds after the World Series to win it all next year.

The Tigers have no reason to panic or start rebuilding their roster.  This team is great and all of their star players are just hitting their stride.  With some minor tweaking in the offseason to fill some of the wholes exposed by the Giants, this team will only get better.  The Bovada bookkeepers seem to agree with this statement as the Tigers have the best odds at winning the World Series next year.

  New York Yankees


Let’s be honest here.  As much money as the Yankees pour into their roster they would have to be pretty poorly managed (like the Chicago Cubs or Boston Red Sox are) not to be near to top of World Series odds.

The Yankees has some moves they are going to have to make in the offseason to either replace or maintain players with expiring contracts, but with all that cast at their disposal they will have no trouble doing either of those things.

San Fransisco Giants


The Giants 10/1 odds to repeat is a bit surprising as first glance.  Their are two teams ahead of the World Series champions in the odds.  They have very few holes that they will need to fill in the offseason and seem to be poising themselves to be the same team they were this year.  That could be a problem however if teams like the Yankees and Tigers improve.

LA Angels


This seems like an odd choice for a team that did not even make it into the playoffs, but the LA Angels worked all season to become a better team and one can only assume that they will do the same in the offseason.  They had a better win/loss record than the Tigers did and were only left out as a victim of the system.

Next year the Angels will in all likelihood come out of the gate better and more determined than ever to make a postseason splash.

Texas Rangers


The Rangers have to be disappointed in the way that the latter part of their season went.  They sat atop the AL West for the entire season.  Then the Oakland A’s happened.  The A’s surged in the second half of baseball and by the end of the season the A’s and Rangers were battling for a spot that the Rangers thought they already had in the bag.

The A’s would take the Rangers spot, and based on the new Wild Card rules the Rangers went on to have one game with the Baltimore Orioles.  The Orioles would beat the Rangers.

The Rangers are going to come back next year more determined than ever to go deep in the postseason.

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