Advantages and Disadvantages for the 49ers

If you have watched ESPN lately you will see that a lot of analysts have jumped on the Baltimore Ravens Band wagon.   The sports books, though, still favor the 49ers  with a -3.5 points spread.  We know both the analysts and the sports book can be flawed.  Instead of making some bold predictions based on gut feelings.  The 49ers are are the favorites so let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages that the 49ers will carry into the Super Bowl.

Advantage:  Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore

Two words have been uttered a lot over this NFL season:  “pistol offense” and Kepernick is a master of it.  It will essentially be up to Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs to stop Kaepernick and Frank Gore’s run and gun offense.  If Suggs bites on the play action and option too often Kaepernick is going to have his way in this game.  Just take a look at how Kepernick completely broke down the Green Bay Packers defense.  If that happens again the Ravens will not stand a chance.

Disadvantage:  Pass Defense

The 49ers defense is beast, do not get me wrong.  However, the way Joe Flacco has been playing is top notch.  Combine that with the speed of Flacco’s favorite WR Torrey Smith, and I am not so sure that 49ers safeties Dashon Goldson and Donte Whitner can keep up Flacco and Smith.

Advantage:  Rush Defense

The 49ers have one of the best rush defenses in the NFL.  The Ravens are used to relying on Ray Rice in mid to short distances to get the first down.  I do not think that the 49ers defensive line is going to let Rice through.

Disadvantage:  Inspiration

The Ravens are determined to win this game.  Ray Lewis is retiring, and the Ravens feel like they owe it to their defensive leader to give him one more Super Bowl win.  The 49ers do not have a big inspirational story to drive them.  They are simply in it to win it.


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