Derek Jeter Talks PEDs With Jimmy Fallon

It's always interesting when The Jeet stops by.

It’s always interesting when The Jeet stops by.

Last night beloved New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter stopped by NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Apparently he and Fallon are old time friends who not only talked shop, discussing the current PED situation in MLB, but also shared some very entertaining stories from the past.

Fallon brought up the Alex Rodriguez scandal very early in the interview. Here’s their exchange:

Fallon: Then the whole scandal going around with the performance enhancing drugs…and the baseball system…and A-Rod is on the cover of papers. It’s gotta be distracting. It’s gotta be crazy.

Jeter: It’s sorta like that PED scandal you had on SNL a few years back.

Fallon: I did have a yeah…I was on some type of…I was on a lot of stuff during SNL…we don’t want to talk about those years…yeah they were was awful!

Jeter: Yeah it’s unfortunate. Yeah listen uh…you hate to hear a negative light shed on Major League Baseball, but um…it’s been a part of the game, we’re trying to get it out of the game and hopefully we don’t have to hear about this for much longer.

Fallon: What do we do to get people to stop fooling around with this stuff.

Jeter: Well, I think they’re doing it. Guys are getting caught and they’re paying the price for it. It’s an unfortunate part of society, everyone tries to get an edge. But…uh…you learn from your mistakes and move on.

That was them getting into the nitty-gritty, but the best part of Jeter’s appearance were the mutual stories of humiliation he and Fallon told about…well…just Fallon.

Jeter recalled with a snicker the time Fallon got a little too wild after a golf tournament he hosted in Florida years back. Neither of them are any good at golfing, which may be why he invited the former Saturday Night Live star to begin with. Apparently Fallon was just in it for the party because one year he was found in the fetal position in his hotel room the next day and had to be woken up by his mother to catch a flight back to New York.

Questlove was amused.

Questlove was amused.

Then it was the host’s time to share. Fallon told the story of his very awkward encounter with NBA great Michael Jordan at another golf tournament hosted by Jeter. According to him, after exchanging hellos with His Airness, they both went in for that awkward stranger kiss on the cheek hello thing. But it was so awkward that they didn’t actually connect on the cheeks, but rather ended up meeting in the middle with a big ole smooch on the lips.

This was the [recreated] moment when Jimmy and MJ locked lips.

This was the [recreated] moment when Jimmy and MJ locked lips.

Questlove was amused.

And again, Questlove was amused.

Fallon closed the segment by performing a few custom tunes with The Roots that he thought would be great for Jeter to have playing during his first at-bat at Yankee home games. They were all pretty good, but the best one ended with “Derek Jeter, he’s got balls.”


Derek Jeter: He’s got balls.



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