Evan Engram, Jaguars

Evan Engram Set To Return To Jacksonville Next Season

TE Evan Engram finally broke out in the NFL aged 28 in his first season playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Evan Engram failed to find consistency during five seasons with the New York Giants. Playing in Trevor Lawrence’s offense, Evan Engram finally caught fire.

This season he had a career-high 73 catches for 766 yards and four touchdowns. He was instrumental towards the end of the season and the playoffs with 6.1 catches, 72 yards receiving, 11.7 yards per catch and three touchdowns in the Jaguars’ final seven games.

Engram led Jacksonville with seven catches for 93 yards in their Wild Card win over L.A.


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Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Trent Baalke confirmed on Tuesday that both parties want to link up again next season.

“Obviously, we would love to have Evan back,” he said. “Evan and I visited yesterday, and he went around the building and visited with everybody. I think it’s mutual. Now we got to make it happen. That’s something that we’re going to work on with Evan, and all the other free agents that we have. We have a list of them that we got to mow down one at a time.”


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The franchise tag is an option, but it sounds as if the Jaguars would rather be conservative with that play. 

“I’m hoping we don’t need to use it,” he said. “Right now, we’re evaluating this team as a staff. Doug (Pederson) and the rest of the coaches are going through an end-of-the-season process that we’ve set up. Our personnel staff is doing the same thing. We will join forces tomorrow and meet for most of the morning to really put a plan in place for how we’re going to attack this offseason.”

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