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Micah Hyde Says Bills Teammates ‘Keep Me Young’

Micah Hyde says he and fellow safety Jordan Poyer must set the standard for a young Buffalo Bills team.

The last time both Micah Hyde and Poyer were fit in 2021, the Bills had the NFL’s best defense. With Micah Hyde returning from injury and Poyer re-signing, they retain their senior status on defense ahead of next year.

“I think that we’ve always established a standard around here, just for not only our defense, but I just think internally into our safety room,” Hyde said.


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“We’re going to bounce back this year and obviously have to stay healthy, and we added some depth so that’s good to see.

“Came out yesterday and started working out, and I looked around and I’m like, wow,” Hyde said. 

“This is what the old head said would happen. It’s really happening right in front of my eyes, but they keep me young and that’s why we run every day and run sprints and conditioning stuff. I’m trying to beat them every day because I got something to prove.”


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“Guys are going to continue to go out there and play and they’re going to plug in bodies to try to go out there and win,” Hyde said. 

“So, I’m just grateful for the opportunity to be back out here. Kids are getting older, so I want them to see me play and remember. So, it’s a hell of an opportunity for myself, and for my family.”

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