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NBA MVP Predictions Beyond James and Durant

Beyond Lebron James and Kevin Durant topping the list of NBA MVPs for the 2014 season, there are many other players who are projected to make a major impact on the game this season. James and Durant are at the top of their prime. They are some of the best that the sport of professional basketball has ever seen.

Last season, Durant kept Lebron from winning his third straight MVP award. Beyond Durant and Lebron, there are some other players who could take home the award this season. Although he is not listed below, Kobe Bryant could potentially make a run at MVP this season as well.

  1. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls

Rose is going to definitely need the help of his team to prove that he is of MVP stature and he is going to need to battle back stronger than ever to prove he has overcome his injuries. Rose can definitely be in the MVP conversation if him and the Bulls come out with another strong season.

  1. Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers

Griffin was the leading player for the Clippers last season and finished third in last year’s MVP race. Griffin can dunk, is a great passer and has a solid mid-range jump shot. Last season, Griffin averaged an outstanding 24.1 points per game. To bump himself up in the MVP conversation he has to continue to improve and outshine to have a chance at beating out Lebron and Durant.

  1. Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans

Davis is in his third year in the NBA and is poised to finally have a breakout season. With two years of experience under his belt, the potential is there for Davis to be the key player for the Pelicans. He was definitely a key player for Team USA at the World Cup and last NBA season he averaged 20.1 points a game.

The rookie of the year competition is also going to be a tough race. There are a lot of talented players entering for their first season as a professional basketball player. Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins and Nerlens Noel are all projected to do extremely well this rookie season.



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