NBA to Investigate Patrick McCaw Situation

    By Connor Lynch
    patrick mccaw

    Following the news that Patrick McCaw was waived by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the NBA has launched an investigation.

    Originally reported in the New York Times, the Golden State Warriors requested that the NBA look into the matter.

    Patrick McCaw signed a 2 year, $6 million contract with Cleveland as a restricted free agent in late December. Then, after just three games with the team, Patrick McCaw was waived.

    Tellingly, the Cavaliers took the decision before the January 7 deadline, when the contract would have become guaranteed.

    Now, as an unrestricted free agent, Cleveland could sign him again on a more favourable contract.


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    There are a number of permutations to how this could have played out, and will play out going forward.

    The Warriors’ contention is that the Cavs signed McCaw with the intention of releasing him. Their issue is that they would have retained his rights had he not signed with another team.

    However, the Warriors could have matched Cleveland’s deal if they wanted McCaw. Although that would have resulted in a $11 million luxury tax bill. Golden State could also have matched the deal and then traded him for draft picks.

    In the end, though, McCaw was always going to leave the Golden State Warriors. His rejection of a 2 year, $5.2 million contract offer from the team demonstrated as much. As well as that, he has spoken in the wake of this mini drama, saying that personal considerations swayed him.


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    “I loved playing in Golden State,” McCaw said.

    “My teammates, the coaches, it was nothing really … nothing stands out to me to say I didn’t want to go back. Think it was just a personal thing where I was just like, I think it was time for me to move on for a new opportunity within myself. Nothing against Golden State, front office, coaches, players, the environment, it had nothing to do with any of that. It’s just a personal thing, and I wanted a new opportunity to move on.

    “I can’t say anything other than it was all me. Nothing against Golden State. I just wanted to move on.”