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Five Things to Look Forward to This NBA Season

There are a lot of things to be excited for this NBA season and here are some of the best things.

  1. Lebron is Home

Cleveland finally has their number one guy back as Lebron left Miami to come back home to Ohio. While you may remember the burning jerseys and the dark past four years that Cleveland went through, the city is quick to forget that pain and have arms wide open to welcome Lebron. It is difficult to project how the Cavaliers season will go, but as long as Lebron is back, there is some hope in Cleveland.

  1. Western Conference is Dominant

Between Portland, the Clippers, Oklahoma City, the Western conference is going to be a tough one to face this year. They all are possible contenders for the NBA championship and have young talent that is ready to dominate, especially with the Eastern conference needing to rebuild as much as they can.

  1. Pressure is on, Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is now the Thunder’s front man with Kevin Durant set to miss the beginning of the season, about 6-to-8 weeks with a foot injury. While coach Scott Brooks isn’t expecting Westbrook to turn into a 35-point a game scorer, there is definitely pressure on him to step up and continue to contribute big time to his team.

  1. The Hornets are Rebranding

With Kemba Walker, Al Jefferson and Lance Stephenson, and a new/old brand, the Hornets are ready to turn a new life with the proper talent on board and make a big impact this season. With the lack of major talent in the East, the Hornets should be able to capitalize on the new and returning talent that they have.

  1. Dwight Howard’s Been Through A Lot

Dwight Howard has been traded, undergone back surgery and plenty of other drama. But now that he is healthy, slightly more mature and in a better place in Houston, it is time for him to settle down and get back to exceeding his potential as a player.

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