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Tiger’s Lying, Messi’s Hurting, and D-Wade is Dressing Like a Girl

Another day, another controversy.

Another day, another controversy.

Tiger Woods’ win at The Players Championship not without controversy: 

On Sunday Tiger Woods controlled the action in the final round of The Player’s Championship and hung on to win his fourth event of 2013 by two strokes. The finish was dramatic, due largely in part to the epic bogey bonanza that Sergio Garcia finished the day with.

Unfortunately though, that’s not where the story ends, because controversy has been stalking Woods for years. Garcia and Woods were actually paired together a day earlier and it wasn’t a round that either of them will be looking back fondly on. Especially Garcia.

The two of them have a long-standing personal feud that they don’t even bother sugar coating with superficial pleasantries. Garcia accused Woods of being selfish and the crowd noise that follows him of disrupting his swing. Woods said it wasn’t “real surprising” that Garcia found something to complain about.

There’s also been chatter about an incident in which Woods pulled out a club, claiming the marshals told him Garcia had already hit, even though he hadn’t. A claim that was later disputed by the marshals, who insisted there was no communication between them on either side.

Coupled with another questionable drop, he received a two stroke penalty for an illegal drop at the Masters in April, it was another eventful tournament for Woods. Somehow even when he wins these days, he somehow ends up losing.

Yet for all the bellyaching Garcia did on Saturday, he and Woods were tied going into the final round on Sunday. It was Garcia’s late round meltdown left him five strokes behind Woods and in a seven-way tie for eighth place at the end of the day.

Try blaming that on Tiger.

Messi's hamstring continues to be a problem.

Messi’s hamstring continues to be a problem.

Lionel Messi’s injury looks to be season ending:

When Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi won an unprecedented fourth consecutive Ballon d’Or in January 2013, a headline in The Guardian said the Argentine’s “dominance looks unstoppable.”

What was a very reasonable assertion at the time feels like the jinx of the century right now. Not that the 25-year-old Messi’s lingering hamstring injury is threatening his career, but it looks like it’s ending his season.

Messi was injured during the first half of a losing match against Paris St-Germain on April 1st. He’s been struggling with injury ever since. His production is down and he’s often been seen in visible pain while on the pitch.

Messi’s injury forced him out of a recent win against Atletico Madrid. The medical tests that followed, not to mention his ongoing pain, are not promising. Messi is expected to miss the final three games of Barca’s season.

Despite the nagging injury, Messi has still managed to score 46 goals this season—which is just four less than his record breaking total of 2012. This kid is good. This kid is really, really good.

At least he's dressing like a very masculine girl.

At least he’s dressing like a very masculine girl.

Dwyane Wade forgot the rest of his pants…and his socks: 

The Heat seem poised to coast easily to their second consecutive NBA Championship in 2013. That’s not to say the playoffs have been boring—they’ve been anything but to this point—but there’s no team that has a shot against Miami in the finals.

As riveting as some of the match ups have been, it’s starting to feel like nothing but a waiting game for the Heat. They’ll tell you every game’s a battle and that they aren’t taking anything for granted. All those canned postseason talking points.

You can throw out every sports cliché in the book, but it won’t change the fact that these guys just seem bored. Particularly Dwyane Wade, who showed up to Game 4 against the Bulls rocking some slim fit polka dot capri pants.

The pants alone were enough to get the boys over on TNT’s halftime show giggling. But pairing them with a sharp double-breasted pinstriped suit jacket and wearing his fancy dress slippers (see: 30 Rock) with no socks? Oh boy.

Charles Barkley is probably still laughing.

And who is that goober carrying D-Wade’s duffle? Did he win a contest or something?

It’s like the Heat know they’re getting less attention than the Pacers and Warriors at the moment, so they devised a plan to keep themselves in the headlines. They probably didn’t do that. But if they did, it’s worked to perfection.

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