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Underrated in the NBA West

While much focus is on the L.A. Clippers, there are some other teams making in the Western Conference that could have great impact down the road when it comes time for the playoffs. Of course other teams that have been proving themselves so far include Memphis and Houston but the talent that makes up the Spurs can’t be underestimated and neither can the Portland Trail Blazers.

Trail Blazers

This past week, Portland demolished the Denver Nuggets 130-113. That game was a record-breaker in many ways. In the first half, Portland was leading at the half with 84 points and the team earned six-straight games with more than 100 points. The team went on to win their fourth game straight against the Brooklyn Nets and now have a record of 7-3.

Portland is also seeing a brighter road ahead of them in the Northwest conference because of the injuries that have dampened the momentum of the Oklahoma City Thunder.



After an extremely slow start to the season, it seems like San Antonio is finally gelling together as a team. After an impressive 113-100 win on the road in L.A. against one of the best teams in the entire game, the Spurs made a statement. However, they lost their fourth game of the season shortly after when they faced the Sacramento Kings on the road. Their next game is at home against the not-so-impressive Philadelphia 76ers, giving the Spurs a chance to rest some of their key players while having the chance to pull off an easy win. Philadelphia is 0-9 and off to the worst start since the 72-73 season. The Spurs won both of their games against Philly last season by a combined 46 points.


There is a lot of time left in the season but both of these teams have the potential to make an impact and upset some of the big players in the West who were preseason favorites to make the playoffs.

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