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College Basketball in Cowboys Stadium? Could Be a Massive Event

Cody Zeller

Zeller and the Hoosiers will be tested by Butler on Saturday.

It’s already hosted a Super Bowl, an NBA All-Star game and numerous concerts so why not put a few college basketball games in ‘Jerry World’ or Cowboys Stadium as it is officially known? There are talks underway to bring four games to the site during the weekend of Veterans’ Day next November. Here’s the kicker, all four games would be going on reportedly at the same time.

For any basketball junkie, it would be like reaching one’s personal nirvana in a matter of minutes. With the massive video boards facing all parts of the stadium, it’s something that could easily be done. While there hasn’t been any discussion of teams to be involved just yet, commons sense would have to prevail here. First and foremost, teams like Texas and and Oklahoma State could be local possibilities while major powers like Duke, UCLA, North Carolina or Indiana would have to be considered.

Rarely does something get discussed about Cowboys’ Stadium and it doesn’t come to fruition so I would plan on this if I were you. My only suggestion would be to run two games at once and then two games simultaneously afterwards. Four games at once is a very unique idea, but I would want to be able to enjoy the games I was watching rather than constantly have my head on a swivel. Four games would be a nightmare for anyone with even moderate ADD.

John Beilein

Beilein's Wolverines are 9-0 and getting it done in a variety of ways.

The Week in Review… Indiana remains the number one team in America but they have lost a significant contributor to the team. Austin Etherington is out for the season with a broken left knee cap. He’s a guy that has seen increased minutes as the season has progressed… Staying in the Big Ten, Michigan is 9-0 for the first time since the 1989 national championship team. John Beilein’s teams have typically been known for three-point shooting but this team has evolved into a much more well-rounded team… Georgetown scored 37 points recently, and won!… For all the talk about Michigan, Indiana, Michigan State and Ohio State, someone apparently forgot to tell Illinois they were supposed to be an ‘also-ran’ in the Big Ten. They went on the road to Gonzaga, not an easy place to play, and knocked off the Zags with a comeback victory. The Illini have now won the Maui Classic and knocked off unbeaten Gonzaga on the road.

Games I like this Week… This is the week where many top teams start ending their semesters so the competition level drops significantly. Thus, there aren’t too many great match-ups on the docket. Advancing to Saturday….

#1 Indiana vs. Butler -  The Hoosiers will take on their in-state foes who have been more impressive than they have in recent years. The Bulldogs are currently 7-2 and have nice wins over then-#9 North Carolina and Northwestern. The Hoosiers must adjust to a new rotation with Etherington lost for the season. With the game in Indianapolis, I suspect there will be big groups from both schools, but I like the Hoosiers to win.

#6 Florida at #8 Arizona - The 7-0 Gators go on the road and take with them an impressive margin of victory. They are winning by almost 24 points per game. Billy Donovan knew he’d have a nice team, but even this has to be a bit surprising. The Wildcats are also 7-0 but I’m not as impressed with their schedule as I am with the Gators’. I like Florida on the road.

Purdue at #22 Notre Dame – This is the other in-state match-up taking place in Indy the same night as Butler and IU. The Irish are 8-1 with a nice win over then #8 Kentucky on their resume. They’re fourth in the nation in assists, but must improve their rebounding. The Boilermakers are struggling at 4-5 and are coming off a woeful 47-44 to Eastern Michigan. They are averaging just shy of 67 points per game which is just not getting it done. Take the Irish in what will no doubt be a low-scoring affair.


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