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NCAAB: Players to Watch

Pictured: Cody Zeller

The NCAA season is inching closer and it is time for smart betters to start doing  some research.  Here are a few player that have the serious potential to be serious players and make you some money.

Cody Zeller (Indiana)

Cody Zeller is a guy you want to keep your eye on this year.  Bovada has him listed as the player most likely to win the 2012-2013 Associated Press Player of the Year award with 7/2 odds to get the prestigious award.

At 6 feet 11 inches, Zeller is an intimidating presence on the court.  His aggressive style of play also makes him one of the most dominating players in the NCAA.    He shot for an average of 15.6 points and nabbed 6.6 rebounds per game.  He shot over 60 percent from the field and 75 percent from the free throw line.  He was voted as the Big Ten’s Freshmen of the Year for his effort.

You have to imagine that Zeller is going to be even better entering his sophomore year.  Some special bets available on Bovada provide you with the potential to make some money in a variety of ways:

Total Points Per Game:  Over/Under 17 1/2 points
Total Rebounds Per Game – 7 1/2

Shabazz Muhammad (UCLA)

Muhammad is a freshmen who ESPN ranked as the number two player from the class of 2012.  He has 11/2 odds of winning the AP’s Player of the Year.  He is currently under investigation by the NCAA for receiving improper benefits for his playing.  It looks as though Muhammad will be cleared, though, and will again be a major player for UCLA basketball.

Special props for Muhammad are as follows:

Points Per Game:  Over/Under 18 1/2 points
Rebounds Per Game:  Over/Under 5 1/2

Nerlens Noel (Kentucky)

Noel does is not sitting near the top of the odds to win player of the year.  He is, however, in the top ten, number six to be exact with 12/1 odds of winning the award.  I think he may surprise a lot of people because any high school player who averaged 25 points and 7 rebounds per game has the potential to be explosive.

Noel will get a lot of comparisons to Zeller due to his intimidating 6’11” stature, but Noel has an agile and quick quality to him that some big men lack.

Here are the special props for Noel:

Points Per Game:  Over/Under 9 1/2 points
Rebounds Per Game:  Over/Under 10 1/2
Blocked Shots Per Game:  Over/Under 3 1/2
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