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New York Yankees Owner Criticizes His Players

Hal Steinbrenner the owner of the New York Yankees has given his support to his manager Joe Girardi as well as the coaching staff. He in turn blamed the players for the slow start by the team.

On Wednesday, with the Yankees in the American League East cellar at just 17-22, Steinbrenner single out Chase Headley, Mark Teixeira, Luis Severino and Michael Pineda for criticism.

The Yankees owner said the season’s first five weeks had been frustrating, disappointing, particularly when looking at the team’s offense. He added that the team was not living up to its potential.

Steinbrenner added that when you look at a player such as Mark Teixeira he is clearly not playing to his potential at bat.

The owner said the decline of Pineda was quite concerning.

Steinbrenner said Pineda is striking out a big number of batters but is still allowing runs to be scored. Pineda appears to have a problem with his delivery and Steinbrenner said that Larry Rothschild the pitching coach would work with Pineda on that.

However, the owner added that the remainder was up to Pineda. He called the pitcher a professional and much is expected of him by his peers and coaches.

With regard to Severino, the Yankees owner said the pitcher was having an issue related to his confidence and must learn how to push through downturns.

Not all of the players were criticized by Steinbrenner. He gave praise to Aaron Hicks and Starlin Castro, as well as Girardi, Rothschild, and Brian Cashman his general manager.

Steinbrenner added that the coaches were doing a very good job. The professional athletes are the best in baseball and sooner or later, it is all down to just them and what they have inside to push them through the toughest of times and persevere.

Hal is much less tempestuous than George his father. George goaded his team from 1973 when he purchased them until close to his death back in 2010.

One example of Hal’s disappointment is with slugger and first baseman Teixeira. As of Wednesday prior to their game, he was hitting .203 with just 11 RBIs.

Another is Headley who not until May 12 had an extra base hit.

Severino during his rookie season last year was 5-3 with an ERA of 2.89. Thus far, this season he is 0-6 with an ERA of 7.46.

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