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NFC Playoff Futures

The 2012 NFL postseason officially kicks off tomorrow, so it’s time to take a good look at each Super Bowl hopeful in the NFC and determine the best future bet for which team will claim the conference championship and represent the NFC in the Big Dance. Here are the odds on each squad.

San Francisco 49ers-9/4 to win NFC, 6/1 to win SB

Despite not owning the No. 1 seed in the NFC, the 49ers are still getting the best odds to take home the conference title. Their balanced offensive attack and stellar defense will definitely serve them well in the postseason, but as Seattle proved a couple of weeks ago, the 49ers are plenty vulnerable.

With a first-year starter in the mix, the Niners are not the ideal team to wager on, especially considering there isn’t as much money to be made with them. Of course, they are capable of winning it all with the talent they have, but I don’t think this is their year.

Atlanta Falcons-5/2 to win NFC, 7/1 to win SB

Atlanta has home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs, which isn’t the Falcons’ only advantage. Atlanta also has a balanced offensive attack and an opportunistic, turnover creating defense that has made big plays all season long. The Falcons have been the most consistent team this season, which is something you need in the playoffs.

Of course, Atlanta’s postseason struggles have been well publicized, but this is the most complete team it has ever had. The Falcons are ready to take that next step this season and they have all the tools to do it. This is a decent value pick for a strong team, so no one could fault you for making a wager for Atlanta.

The Pack has been here plenty of times before

Green Bay Packers-10/3 to win NFC, 8/1 to win SB

The Packers couldn’t earn a first round bye, but with their wealth of playoff experience and top notch offense, they may not need that week off. Green Bay’s first test comes this weekend against the Vikings, who defeated the Pack in Minnesota last week.

This year’s Packers team is not as strong as the one that won it all a few years back and even if they get out of the first round, they will have to go on the road, where they don’t play nearly as well. I don’t like Green Bay here for these odds, so I’d stay away if I were you.

Seattle Seahawks-11/2 to win NFC, 11/1 to win SB

After closing out the regular season with five consecutive wins, three of which were by more than 25 points, the Seahawks drastically improved their futures odds. They are certainly one of the hottest teams in the league, but unfortunately for them and for potential Seahawks bettors, they did not secure a home game in round one and will have to travel to Washington to play an even hotter Redskins squad that has won seven in a row.

Since Seattle was just 3-5 on the road this season, it seems like a wager to avoid. Yes, they are hot now, but one slip up and they are gone. I don’t think they have what it takes to go all the way this year.

RGIII always gives his team a chance to win

Washington Redskins-9/1 to win NFC, 18/1 to win SB

As the NFC’s hottest team with the hottest rookie quarterback, the Redskins are looking like a pretty solid pick, especially considering their valuable odds. They are a long shot for sure, but not so large of one that should deter anyone from betting for them. This is the kind of money-making bet that has a decent chance of success. It’s a low-risk, high-reward type scenario, which should be what you are looking for.

Minnesota Vikings-18/1 to win NFC, 40/1 to win SB

While the Redskins are a valuable long shot, the Vikings are the lottery. Sure, you stand to win a boat load if they pull it off, but there’s just no way the Vikings are going to get it done. They boast a one-dimensional offense and a lackluster defense that will not be able to withstand the slew of talented teams that awaits them. Maybe they’ll win a game. Heck, maybe even two, but don’t expect the Vikings to be hoisting any trophies this year. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.



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