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2022 NFL win totals: 5 best bets on the under

With the 2022 NFL win totals posted at some Vegas books, it’s time to look and make a few assertions on which under bets are best.

5. New York Giants (7)

The Giants have replaced Joe Judge with Brian Daboll as head coach, and that is almost guaranteed to be an upgrade. However, Daniel Jones is still the quarterback, and few teams did less in free agency than New York. In a division that is both weak and yet somewhat improved, what’s the argument for the Giants improving their win total by a litany of games? It’s tough to do, unless you’re a believer Daboll is the next great coach.


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4. Seattle Seahawks (6)

The Seahawks have one of the worst rosters in the league. Maybe they end up with a quarterback in the draft or they trade for Baker Mayfield, but right now? Seattle is underwhelming all over the roster, including in its front seven and most-importantly, under center. Drew Lock is one of the weakest starters going, and while he has talent at receiver in D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, is that going to be enough to win in a brutal NFC West with three playoff teams to deal with?

3. New England Patriots (8.5)

Have you seen the rest of the AFC? The Patriots did nothing in the offseason but watch star corner J.C. Jackson sign with the Los Angeles Chargers. In their own division, the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills both improved, with the latter being the favorite to win the Super Bowl. New England is hoping Mac Jones continues his maturation in his second season, but that may not be enough considering his lackluster weaponry and a defense which lost one of its best players.


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2. Cleveland Browns (9.5)

The Browns are better on paper with the controversial addition of quarterback Deshaun Watson, but will Watson play this season? If he does, will it be for half the campaign, a quarter of it? Nobody knows. Even if Watson avoids being suspended, Cleveland has to deal with a great conference and an excellent division. Getting to 10 wins is going to be a chore regardless of how many games Watson suits up for.

1. Atlanta Falcons (5.5)

Name 10 players on the Falcons roster. Alright, that’s not fair. Try naming five. Atlanta doesn’t have a single recognizable skill-position player outside of tight end Kyle Pitts. Defensively, corner A.J. Terrell is fantastic but there’s little else. Even at a low line of 5.5 wins, it feels near-impossible for the Falcons.

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