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Bears Not Ruling Out Going After Kareem Hunt

The Chicago Bears haven’t ruled out pursuing running back Kareem Hunt who the Kansas City Chiefs released on December 1. Kareem Hunt was released after a video surfaced showing him kicking and shoving a woman at his residence in Cleveland.

Kareem Hunt remains on the Commissioner Exempt list. He needs to be reinstated prior to being able to sign with any NFL team.

Bears coach Matt Nagy and Hunt have known each other since 2017 when Hunt was a rookie. At that time, Nagy was the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs. On Monday, Nagy said he had spoken with Hunt last week on the phone.


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Nagy said he only cared about Hunt’s personal life when he contacted him last week and said the conversation was good and that it was strictly about his personal life and not football.

A video of the incident that TMZ posted took place during February of 2018. Hunt and the woman exchanged words and several people then separate them. He can then be seen pushing the woman, who then hits him in the face.

Hunt is escorted away by two men before he can be seen charging out. He collides with a man who knocks the woman over. Hunt then kicks the woman in her leg.

The Chiefs organization said that Hunt had not been truthful in talks with them about what had taken place, which led to the team releasing him.


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Hunt confirmed that was true saying he did not tell the whole story to the Chiefs and that he does not blame the Chiefs for anything as it was his actions that caused the situation.

Hunt said that although he was put on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, the league has never questioned him related to the assault or asked for him to speak about it.

One source said two other incidents, including one at a restaurant during June and one in January at a nightclub are being considered along with the shoving incident in February, by the NFL.

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