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Harbaugh, Ravens Primed to Rebound after Bye Week


The Baltimore Ravens found themselves on the receiving end of a lopsided loss this past Sunday against the Houston Texans, something they haven’t smelled before in quite some time.  Now, they’ll head into a much-needed bye week to figure out their recent shortcomings, and, if history is any indication, they’ll be just fine.

The Ravens (5-2) will look to get back on track against an easy opponent in the Cleveland Browns, who are a measly 1-6 this year.  And history shows us that they can bounce back with the same resolve as they have in previous years.  In 2008, the Indianapolis Colts devastated the Ravens 31-3, but Baltimore rallied back to win nine of their next 11 games, which seeped over into the postseason.

Last year, the San Diego Chargers notched an emphatic 34-14 victory over the Ravens, but the team didn’t lose again until the AFC championship game.

“You can’t achieve anything without going through some adversity,” John Harbaugh said via the Associated Press.  “So, the opportunity that is presented to us now is an opportunity to get better — to become whatever it is we’re going to become.

“The key is reacting, but not overreacting,” Harbaugh said.  “Understanding that it’s a 16-game season and it’s a tough league.  This is just part of the process of building a football team.  … These are the kind of things you have to work through.  This is the worst score we’ve had, but we’ve played worse games.”

The proof is certainly in the pudding.  The Ravens have piled on victories after a one-game collapse and have the personnel to do it again.  In fact, linebacker Terrell Suggs, who played his season opener last Sunday after a right Achillies tendon injury, will get some much-needed reps in practice to get back into Pro Bowl form.

The Ravens team will rest up before another key AFC matchup against the visiting Browns, which will take place on Nov. 4.  And they have the immediate advantage of having two weeks to prepare for the game.  Though Vegas has yet to come out with the spread, chances are it will favor the Ravens mightily.  So choose wisely.  If it’s under eight points, I’d take Baltimore easily.

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