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Rams newcomer Clay Matthews says changing teams breathed ‘some new life’ into him

The Los Angeles Rams brought in a new face on defense this offseason signing star linebacker Clay Matthews formerly of the Green Bay Packers. Not only is Matthews an upgrade for the defense who possesses championship experience, but he’s also a Los Angeles native playing his college days with the USC Trojans.

Recently, Matthews talked about the transition from the Packers, the only team he has played with during his NFL career, to the title-contending Rams, via Lindsey Thiry of ESPN.

“It’s definitely different, especially when you’re in a rhythm of going to the same place, knowing all the people out there in Green Bay and just having a routine,” Matthews said. “That being said, it’s almost nice to break that routine, and although there’s some anxiety that’s involved in that and some nerves … because of the change of pace, because it’s something new, but it also breathes some new life and fresh air into you.”

With Matthews used to the routine with the Packers and all the comes with living and playing in Green Bay, the veteran linebacker admits it has been difficult to make this transition since signing with the team.

“The first two weeks were, I mean, I hate to use the word difficult, but it was new,” Matthews said. “Which I haven’t had to experience since my rookie year.”

Although it has been tough for Matthews to make the move, there’s no doubt he improves the team’s chance of competing once again in 2019 and may have another chance of winning a second Super Bowl title before he calls it a career.

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