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Penguins Fall to 3-to-1 Odds

The Pittsburgh Penguins aren’t having an easy time with Ottawa’s trap and it’s taking a toll. Not only on the ice, but in the sportsbooks, as well. Viewed as the favorite ever since defeating Washington, the Penguins are now the third-longest price on the oddsboard to win the Stanley Cup.

It’s no surprise that the Nashville Predators are now the favorites. The Predators lead Anaheim 2-1 entering tonight’s Game 4, where Nashville is -145. The current odds on Nashville winning the Stanley Cup are +140.

The next team on the list is the surprising Ottawa Senators. The Senators weren’t supposed to beat Boston in the opening series. Then the Rangers were prohibitive favorites in Round 2. The Penguins were even larger favorites than the first two, but now the Senators lead 2-1 with Game 4 in Ottawa on Friday. Pittsburgh’s potent offense has scored three goals in three games. And if not for a stellar performance from Marc Andre-Fleury in Game 2, which Pittsburgh won 1-0, this series could be 3-0. The Senators are +260 to win the Stanley Cup.

Bringing up the rear are the Anaheim Ducks at +600. But an upset win in Game 4 would quickly change things. Just as a Pittsburgh win in Game 4 would tile the odds on the two Eastern Conference teams.

Sports bettors can look at the two Game 4s individually or as part of the big picture. Those liking the Penguins or Ducks can cut back their Game 4 bets a bit and put a little on odds to win the Cup. It will maximize your return since you will have buyback opportunities the rest of the playoffs.

An Ottawa vs. Nashville Stanley Cup Final wouldn’t be the greatest for television ratings. But it would be a decent series between teams not given a chance to be where they are. That’s why the play the games.

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