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Red Sox, Orioles and Yankees Continue Race

There is no division that is as exciting to watch right now than the AL East, with the exception of the NL Central, where we have a close three-way race to claim the spot as the division leaders.

The Boston Red Sox are currently leading the division with both the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees breathing down their necks.  The Orioles are only two games behind and the Yanks are 2.5 games away from the Sox.  This is currently one close race and does not show any signs of slowing down as we approach the second-half of baseball.

Just looking at the future odds at Bovada you can see that even the bookmakers are playing close attention to this race.  All three teams are among the ten teams most likely to take the World Series Pennant with the Red Sox having 13/2 odds of winning.  The Orioles are not far behind with 15/2 odds and the Yanks have 10/1 odds, respectively.  With these three legit World Series contenders all in one division they are playing with huge chips on their shoulders in their attempt to lay claim as the best in the AL East and in the entire MLB.

All three teams are likely feeling rough after some tough losses over the weekend and not doing so well on their last ten.  Both the Yankees and the Red Sox are 4-6 on their last 10 and the Orioles have only a .500 winning percentage on their last ten.  With all three teams hitting  rough patches at the same time the race remains close meaning whichever team can get hot next may secure a spot for themselves as the leaders of the AL East.

However, all three teams are preparing to enter a tough series against great baseball clubs.  The Red Sox are going into a series with the unpredictable Colorado Rockies who are coming off a big series win against the Washington Nationals.  Despite begin third in their division, the Rockies have a win percentage over .500 and are a tough ball club to beat.

The Orioles will be entering a series against the Cleavland Indians who are enjoying a resurgence as of late after hitting a rough spot after their great start.  The Indians are 7-3 on their last ten games and are determined to catch up to the Detroit Tigers who they trail by three games.

The Yankees may face the toughest challenge as they will be taking on the No. 1 team in the AL West in the Texas Rangers.  The Ranger are in their own heated race with the Oakland Athletics who trail by only one game.  The Rangers will want to beat the Yanks to put some distance between themselves and the A’s while also sending a big message by defeating the legendary Yanks.

All three of the AL East teams are favored in the opening odds, however, so this race may only get tighter.

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