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Sammy Watkins’ Outburst on Social Media Makes him look Foolish, Provokable


It’s been a challenging few weeks for Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins. The talented wideout injured himself in a week 3 divisional clash against the Miami Dolphins, and appears to have drawn the vitriol of fans equally frustrated with his inability to contribute on the field.

Upon posting an Instagram picture of himself and his daughter at Disney World during the Bills’ bye week, Watkins was surprised to find the comments section littered with angry Buffalo fans – or, perhaps more likely, many of Watkins’ frustrated fantasy owners – chastising him for something completely out of his control.

As for Watkins’ response? Young Sammy disregarded the first class of public relations 101 by feeding the trolls and posting a reply attacking the lifestyle of many “common people” who spend their income to watch him play and buy his merchandise.

“To all the people that have a problem with me being injured, you go out there and play this sport,” Watkins began. “Get a life and go to work. Stop worrying about my job. Most of you just wish to be in this position so continue working y’all little jobs for the rest of y’all lives.”

First off, it’s never a good look to pull the “if-I’m-so-bad-I’d-like-to-see-you-try” card as a professional athlete, and even less so when arguing over the internet.

Secondly, his condescending attitude towards the “peasantry” who use his way of life as a means to escape the drudgery of theirs won’t exactly help the public stereotype that most athletes are just in it for the money and laugh maniacally at the average people who has to work the standard week.

As expected, Watkins later delivered an insincere apology citing said frustration regarding his injury as the reason for his “inappropriate” comments. But the truth is best revealed when you are asked to respond in a split second, not several hours later with a PR rep sticking a gun in your back.

Watkins has succeeded in not only making himself look easily provokable and incredibly stupid, but may have lost some supporters in the process as well.

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