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Many States Have Introduced Sports Betting Bills

New Jersey is the state that gets all the attention when it comes to sports betting. But they aren’t the only one with a vested interest in the Supreme Court’s decision. A number of states introduced sports betting bills during this legislative session. Connecticut is one. Mississippi is another. New York, Hawaii and Pennsylvania are others.

Other may quickly do so now that the Supreme Court will hear New Jersey’s appeal. To do so now means states can get in on the action at the very beginning if the law is changed.

Mississippi included sports betting in its bill that dealt with daily fantasy sports. Connecticut included sports betting in its gaming expansion bill. Even though it was illegal at the time – and still is – they wanted to be ready in case something changed. Now it appears those states may have a head start on others.

Legalized sports betting is still not a slam dunk. But it’s much closer than it was last week. But remember, an overturn of PAPSA wouldn’t legalize sports betting. It would allow states to determine if they want to offer it or not. Not all of them will. While a majority of people want to see legalized sports betting, it’s a small minority. Most polls have it in the 53 to 57% range. That means there are a lot of people who don’t want to see it.

Other states may stay away when they see the actual tax amounts collected. It’s not going to be as much as some states think it is. Sportsbooks are viewed as a necessary evil in Nevada casinos. They make far less per square foot than table games or slots. But they don’t want to see a high roller go next door because he wants to place a bet on a football game.

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