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NBA: Western Conference Friday Basketball Preview

Friday is bringing us some big basketball games coming out of the NBA’s Western Conference.

Los Angeles Lakers versus Los Angeles Clippers

10:35 p.m. ET on ESPN

We here at Betting Sports and a lot of other people will be staying up late to watch this ball game between these L.A. rivals.

Those who keep up with the NBA, though, know that this game is expected to be a blow out that favors the clippers.  The Lakers, despite their who’s who of a starting line, is struggling to stay above .500 winning percentage.  Meanwhile, the Clipper sit atop the Pacific Western Conference division with a 25-8 winning record.   The last time these two teams met was in November where the Clippers won by 10 points. The Lakers were lucky, however, they did not lose by a lot more as the Clippers commanded that game.   Even Kobe Bryant acknowledged what most of us expect when asked if things were going to be different this time around:

They’re expected to blow us out.  I don’t know how much different it’s going to be.

So why are we and so many others excited about this game?

The reason is because the Lakers are the Lakers.  Despite, being down and out now with a starting line consisting of Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash  a come back is always looming.

The Lakers find themselves as the 4.5 point underdogs according to the point spread at BetOnline.  The money line to bet on the Lakers is at +165 to the Clippers -190.

Sacramento Kings versus Toronto Raptors

7:05 p.m. ET

Not much can be said bout this game.  The Kings are struggling and are the worse team in California.  With a 0.375 win percentage, the Kings are used to entering every game as the underdogs and their game against the Raptors is no different.

The point spread for this game is at 6.5 favoring the Raptors.  The money line for the Kings is at +235 and is it -280 for the Raptors.

Oklahoma City Thunder versus Philadelphia 76ers

8:05 p.m. ET

The Thunder boast the best win percentages in the Western Conference at o.774.  They will go into what should be a “gimmie” game against the 76ers, who are lucky to have a winning percentage over 0.4.  Therefore, it is not surprising that the Thunder are the overwhelming favorites to win this game.  The point spread favors them by 10 points.  The Thunder’s money line is at -605 compared to +475 for the 76ers.

Portland Trail Blazers versus Memphis Grizzlies

8:05 p.m. ET

The Grizzlies are the overwhelming favorites to win this game with a 9 point spread.  To bet on the Grizzlies you can expect a money line of -465.  The money line for Portland is +380.

Houston Rockets versus Milwaukee Bucks

8:35 p.m. ET

The Rockets are rallying back after losing some very big games.  The Rockets are looking to mount another big win streak after winning two in a row.  They will have their hands full with the Bucks, however, who are 1 point favorites according to the spread to win this game. This one will be a close one.

The money line for the Rockets is at -105.  The money line for the Bucks is at -115.

Utah Jazz versus Phoenix Suns

9:05 p.m. ET

The Jazz versus the Suns should be another close game not because both teams are good, but because both teams are not playing well right now.  Whichever team can step up just a little bit will win this game.

The point spread favors the Suns by 2 points.  The money line for the Suns is at -135.  The money line for the Jazz is at +115.

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