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What’s Next For New Jersey Sports Betting?

Now that the United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear New Jersey’s case, the key question is what happens now?

The case basically starts all over. This means that both sides file full briefs on the merits of their case. This is followed by an oral argument in front of the nine judges.

New Jersey will have 45 days to file its merits briefs. This is New Jersey’s explanation of why the state should win the case. Friends of the court briefs are due a week after New Jersey’s are. In this case, friends will likely include the American Gaming Association and others who support sports betting. The federal court appeal saw four parties file friends briefs. But expect more now.

The league’s has 35 days after New Jersey’s filing is due to respond. But New Jersey gets 30 days after that to respond to the leagues’ response. All of this is just a precursor to the oral argument. These usually take place between October and April. So legalized sports betting isn’t going to happen right away regardless of the Supreme Court. But things certainly look better than they did a few days ago.

While the league’s have won in every court along the way, they have to be a bit nervous now. While the NBA’s Adam Silver and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred have spoken in favor of regulated, legalized sports betting, they expected to have a role in how it was set up. But the Supreme Court can make their wishes meaningless.

States will have the right to offer sports betting id PAPSA is ruled unconstitutional. Not all will. But there will definitely be some. And they won’t have to listen to how the leagues want to do things. So there’s a lot at stake for all of the parties involved.

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